Top 10 Reasons to use Live Screen Printing for your Event

Top 10 Reasons to use Live Screen Printing for your Event

You've got a big event coming up and want to make it special, right? Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Use Screen Printing for your Event. For more information, check out LIVE SCREEN PRINT PAGE 

  1. Engagement and Interaction:
    1. Live printing creates an interactive and fascinating experience.
    2. The EXPERIENCE is what this is all about. Folks love watching the process and often take selfies with THEIR shirts as soon as they come out of the dryer. 
    3. Attendees interact directly with artists and operators.
  2. Branding and Marketing:
    1. Use live screen printing for custom items featuring the event's logo.
    2. Turn attendees into walking advertisements.
  3. Lead Capture Service
    1. As part of the total brand experience, we can capture participant’s name and email addresses via QR codes at our booth. 
    2. This information is confidential and shared via a secure Google sheet after your event for further communication and client engagement.
  4. Customization and Personalization: 
    1. Attendees can customize T-shirts, tote bags, or posters on the spot. 
    2. Choose designs, and colors, or bring their own items for printing as an eco-friendly demonstration.
  5. Photo Opportunities:
    1. Live printing setups make for excellent photo opportunities for social media.
  6. Memorabilia and Souvenirs:
    1. Create unique souvenirs for a stronger connection to the event.
    2. Personalized items serve as lasting reminders.
  7.  Artistic Expression:
    1. Showcase local artists or designers with unique designs.
  8. Team Building and Group Activities:
    1. Utilize live screen printing as a VIP activation.
    2. Serve as a team-building activity for groups attending the convention.
  9. Fast Turnaround for On-Demand Merchandise and ZERO wasted merch
    1. Quick and efficient production of on-demand merchandise.
    2. Takes less than 1 minute to select, print, and cure the product for immediate use. 
  10. Charity, Fundraising, and Sponsorship Initiatives:
    1. Design and print items for fundraising purposes.
    2. Attractive sponsorship opportunities for companies to connect with local charity organizations.

Interested? Check out our LIVE SCREEN PRINT PAGE,  EMAIL ME at johnny@houseofswankclothing or fill out the LIVE PRINT QUOTE FORM with your event details and we will get back to you shortly. 

All the best

-John Pugh

House of Swank

PS - Here's a quick time lapse of a few minutes with our friends at PENDO. We printed over 800 shirts for their Company Kick Off at the Raleigh Convention Center and everyone had a ball! 

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